Inspired by New Orleans magic people

NEW in stock! Voodoo medicine magic altar kit


- strawberry flavour bloody red wax candle, yandpainted and decorated with yarn and sea shell
- handpainted driftwood branch (ebony alike)
- crochet voodoo doll with pins
- black feathers bouquet
- three spell bottles filled with herbas and sea salt ("Marie Laveau tears"), blended with essential oils
- the list of tools
- pine wood hand painted in ebony storage box to keep all things together

It's time to catch the sun

Is ur patio ready for the sunshine? What do u feel about crystal sun catcher mobile.

Vintage recycled, created using Zhech rhinestone сhandelier of '80s.
Rhinestone perfectly reflects light, teal and rose feathers make the sun catcher looks gypsy and the gold makes it look really chic. Its gonna be lovely and unique decor for ur patio (also works as wind chimes) or bedroom; good for gift (gift boxt included).

BOHO wedding - the new section in my store

If u are planning to make ur wedding in bohemian/gypsy style i might get u interested with the new "BOHO wedding" section in my Etsy shop.

There are not many items so far, but i'm planning to grow. For now u can find there some boho wedding favors, decor and just married gift ideas.

Multiple dreamcatchers display

Thanks to Suzanne for the idea! I've created this one for her bedroom and i LOVED the process and the result. Now this multiple dreamcatchers display wall hanging available to order.

Each dreamcatcher is totally unique, made of steel wire, jute, crochet doily, vintage laces, fabric stripes, wooden beads and feathers.

Size approx.: 32'' wide x 15'' height

There are two color themes available:

- all white (by default)
- custom color theme (make sure to convo me upon check out)

Winter sale 2017


It's time to remind that I carry out delivery worldwide. Check out shipping terms on my site.

Under $50 gift guide

Christmas time is time for lovely presents for ones u love. U sure want ur gift was special and memorable. Here is small guide to not so expensive gifts which u can get in my shop.

Dreamcatcher. It's universal gift for her and him and it can be personalized. U let me know desirable design, colors, size and i will make one special for you and for this purpose to whom you present it.  Prices starts from $28.

Dreamcatcher mobiles. Its a good gift for mother or mother-to-be. Crib mobile is one of most useful and lovely nursery decor. Customized dreamcatcher mobile will be made on ur design. Proce starts from $44.

Clothespins photo display. Would be nice decor for teenager room. Handpainted in aztec inspired pattern, can be made in two color themes: dark and pastel. Six, dozen or two dozens kits  + jute cord and gift pack. Price starts from $18

Scented candles. Gift for all times! Home made candles: wax, essential oil, herbas and spices, with unique and rare fragrances. Can be presented to anyone no matter age and gender. I'd recommend u candles set of three candles with various fragrances. Comes gift packed. Price starts from $16.99

Fragrances of cosiness

Cosiness has fragrance! It scents like cinnamon cookie, vanilla capuccino or apple in caramel. Sweet warm fragrances make you feel like home.

My scented candles are made with love and care. There are unique and rare fragrances i create using essential oil, dried herbs, organic vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, clove and ginger.

The fragrance is pretty resistant, will be scenting ur room even if the candles are not lighting.

Aromatherapy scented candles in my Etsy shop

Royal bed for your little princess

"It's time to go to the bed!" - here that upset us when we were child. I believe that i have found the way how to turn boring process of sleeping prepare throughout day adventures. Let's turn the berth of your little daughter into the real royal bed. Thus all day dreams and imaginations will carry out with her all night long.
And the way is pretty simple: laces hanging bed canopy (a.k.a. bed crown or bed tent)

I offer various sizes, color themes and styles. You might like it in shabby pastel or hippie gypsy happy colors.

The sizes may various from small (good for baby crib) up to king size bed.

Feathers, gemstones, beads giving special boho style.

For more details and offers visit my Etsy shop

Bohemian Christmas

 Christmas is special time and your home needs some special treat. Handmade and one of a kind Christmas ornaments in boho style would be a good idea

Witchcraft decor

To continue witchcrafting theme (see previous post "COVEN" candles set)  i would like to talk about magic altars in decor.
We are not always can afford a trip to Mexico or Central Africa to get rarity from "real" magic people. But its no reason to give up if u still wantig to add some mistique in your home.
Boho style coming along with magic. Crystal rocks, dried herb and feathers bouquets, sea shells, candles etc - put it all together and it will become your personal home altar. Add some very own items, like empty bottle of your favorite perfume, cards, photos in artsy frames, anything you really belief. It does't have to be religious at all, u may create it for something or someone you love. The limit is just your fantasy and feelings. 
But if you are still after witchcraft and magic, i might help u.

Here are some ideas and tools u may like:

Voodoo and New Orleans inspired

Mexican altar tools

"Mer witch" altar kit

Wall hanging "Dream altar"

All of my items are 100% handmade and OOAK. And its truly magic, no doubt :)

More in my etsy shop

Free PS brushes

Happy to share my hobby with you. (For PERSONAL using only!)

Watercolor Foxes High Res. PS Brushes by iCatchUrDream on DeviantArt

Who is the baddest witch in town?

I am fan of AHS. And i am big fan of  "Coven". I know, i am not the only one, am i?
Please welcome! "The next supreme" scented set of six container candles with unique and rare fragrances. Each candle named after "Coven"  character, i've been trying to pick the fragrance that would reflect their individuality at max.

Dreaming your dreams

Its been a long day. Time to go to bed, close your eyes and start dreaming. All bad dreams will be catched up and all sweet ones gonna follow you all night long. Dreamcatcher over your bed will be your personal sweet dreams keeper.

Fairy tale in nursery decor

"Alice in Wonderland", "Peter Pan", "The wonderful wizard of Oz", Narnia behind the closet, Harry Potter adventures or Hoffmann's characters. There are no secret that every kid in the universe wishing they had  a piece of magic fairy tail right in their room. Yes, there are toys and movies and books handy, but noone wants to pass the dream even for a little while.
What about to turn the whole nursery into fairy tail? Now we are talking about hanging play tent:

Good place to play, read and do anything (even hide from monsters!)
The canopy has small weight (~0.7 pounds) and easy to pack, so you can take it wherever u go: camping, backyard or just another room.
And those colors mix of white, creamy, golden yellow, hot pink, teal and purple makes the canopy looks mistique and magic. And yes, its 100% handmade and OOAK.

Boho style in interior design

I've added useful and pretty interesting article about bohemian style in interior to my site.  Take a look to get some ideas and inspiration.

Lavender and navy

Lavender and navy colors mix seem to be exellent choice for boho design bedroom. I've decided to add some cream/off white and caramel shades as well. Boho chic as it is. Here we have queen bed canopy:

I'm really excited to make those dreamcatchers set for my customer in Dubai. Tried my best to design it in the special "UAE chic" style. Snow white, coral and ice mint. Fresh and air.

Never knew that teal and peach would make that beautiful combination. Thanks to Dione from WI for that custom order.
Dreamcatcher made of hand dyed cotton fabric stripes, cotton crochet doily and feathers.

teach and peah boho dreamcatcherteal and peach boho dreamcatcher
Handpainted driftwood vase filler now in stock again
Aztec inspired and very boho decor for ur home, party or garden

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Halloween is coming, whats about creepy gift for ur darlings? Or may be this is for u to discover ur witchy side.
Boho voodoo doll handmade of organic wool yarn, available in various  colors and sizes